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Jess is a simple complex of a human being,
but for weeks on end it's her and me I'm seeing
Jess she's the yes to the no that I can't stop thinking about
and every time she comes my way, I just have to shout
shout out "Jess!"

She'll make your life a complete mess
she started me wanting more! more! more or less
and I can't stop thinking about Jess

It's in the way she walks and the way she talks
and everyone she meets simply lays down at her feet
and shouts out "Jess!"

Jess she's got something going on
and I can't keep from coming on
onto Jess

She's a perfect siren you want to treat
like the most gracious guest
without even asking, she'll receive only your best
talk about Jess

She'll make an honest man a king, and a lying priest confess
talkin' about Jess
Discover new music on Rocketpoll
'Jess' by Ratcliff Bailey
Ironton, Ohio, USA.
Genre: jangle rock.
Ratcliff Bailey's website: http://www.westfieldrecording..
Comments by Ratcliff Bailey:
Jess is a simple complex of a human being

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Jess is an ideal, concerning how much we love and appreciate the ladies.