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Look into my eyes
Tell me what you see
I really want to know
What you think of me

When I look into your eyes
I wonder if you know
How much I want you now
Do my feelings show


And around and around
And around we go
Spinning ever faster
With our eyes half closed

Holding on to each other
Weíre afraid to let go
Afraid of flying
Out of control

Iím breaking down
Into shattered pieces
On the ground
Gasping for a breath
Drowning in my own sin
And I wonder if Iíll ever
Be the same again


Look into my eyes
If you dare to feel my need
And be consumed by my desire
To feel you touching me

When I look into your eyes
Iím reaching for your soul
Joining body and mind
I want to know you



Life is too short
So breathe it deeply

Life is too short
To let it fade away

Life is too precious
Hold me tightly

Stay in this moment
Donít let it slip away


Discover new music on Rocketpoll
'Around and Around' by Broken

Gig Harbor, WA, USA.
Genre: Alternative.
Broken's website: .
Comments by Broken:

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